The Poor Rogues Hang–Out Now!

Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 11.32.44With hindsight, coronavirus year was a hell of a time to launch a first poetry collection. For some time I was worried if I was going to be able to get hold of a copy, never mind the general public. After some time chasing orders down, however, I’m happy to say that my piratical poetry pamphlet, The Poor Rogues Hang is now available through both Waterstones and Amazon. I even have my first review, from the prolific poet and prose writer Sheenagh Pugh.

The Poor Rogues Hang tells the stories of famous historical pirates like Captain Teach (Blackbeard), Anne Bonny and Mary Read, Captain Vane, Grainne Ni Mhaile and a dozen odd others. Written in a mix of ballads, sonnets, sapphics, and verses blank and free, it explores the unknown stories of those who sailed under the black flag. Described as ‘a potent little gem of weird poetry’ by S.T. Joshi and ‘truly entertaining’ by John Eliot, it’s a snip at £4.99. Finally getting to hold this rollicking piratical brainchild in my hands was a wonderful moment, and I can’t wait until the lockdown ends and I can take it out to my favourite open mic nights.


3 thoughts on “The Poor Rogues Hang–Out Now!

  1. Dear Tom,
    Congratulations on your becoming a published author!
    We have an order in with Waterstones and expect our delivery any day; though I did notice that BA had only a handful of flights leaving LHR yesterday (instead of their usual 300 or so) and it may not be any day soon.
    Poetry recital may have a future on line. I am discovering that bridge ( my favorite card game) does and is one way to while away the hours during this quarantine.
    The ice broke up on the river on April 21st and Rusty enjoyed his first swim of the season on the same day.
    The first flowers appeared soon after.
    Stay away from the virus,
    Love from your uncle

    Prairie crocus 26/04/2020
    Sent from my iPad

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