Published Writings

I write stories, poetry and reviews, and this is a rough list of my online and print publications, with links. I particularly recommend Hidden Ferals as a short story, and The Frightful Ballad of the Third Lord Boyce as a poem.


The Poor Rogues Hang
My piratical poetry pamphlet is published by Mosaique Press and available from Waterstones and Amazon

London Grip
Breaking Up With The Bookshelves
Labiomancy on the Blink

Anne Bonny to Daniel Defoe

Allegro Poetry 19, 20
The Astronomer Dreams of Winter
About the Weather

Spectral Realms 10-12
The Name on the Grave
The Frightful Ballad of the Third Lord Boyce

The Thing That Watches While I Write
Proem to the Fortress Unvanquishable

The Lake
The Same Man in a Different Key
Her 49 Separate Dreadlocks

The Road Not Taken, Fall 2018 issue

Dear Reader
A Cilician Pirate, 57BC

Cheval 6, 10, and 11
A Conceit
Pen and Pencil
Three Wimbledon Sonnets
Sometimes in Summer
Poem from Porlock
Huntington Library Sestina

The Pirate’s Apology
The Frightful Ballad of the Third Lord Boyce
Survivor’s Ink

Runcible Spoon
Red Skies
Three Drops from a Cauldron
The Dragon’s Gate
Words for the Wild

Short Stories

Hellfire Crossroads 7
The Coronation Service

VampCat Mag
Hidden Ferals

Lonesome October
Shared Bodily Warmth
Orange County Boy


Wales Arts Review