About Thomas Tyrrell

048My name is Thomas Tyrrell, and currently I am trying to write a novel, a PhD thesis, a blog (this one!), a journal, and several dozen poems, short stories and letters which I fit in wherever I get the chance. However, this is not a writing blog. This is a general miscellany of adventures and musings incurred while growing wiser the foolish way, or the long way around.

IMG_0536Sometimes this is a blog about books I want to share – though I never write formal reviews. Sometimes it’s about academic conferences I’ve attended, or poems I’ve written, but most of it is about the adventures I have in between the reading and the writing and the day job as a PhD candidate in Cardiff University. I’m a keen hiker, a half-decent climber, a lousy glider pilot, a thoroughly competent cyclist and an enthusiastic kayaker, swimmer, forager, hitch-hiker and wearer of hats. It’s the goal of this blog to convey something of these experiences – or at the least, to tell a good story.


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